UnconDIEtional Love

by Jimmy Gia on January 13, 2014

viet dynasty “Brother! How are you doing! It has been years since I’ve seen your pretty face. What have you been up to? I remember the stories of the past and I thought we could sit down for a cup of coffee and catch up. WHAT YOU JUST CALL ME? I BEG YO MOFUGGIN PARDON? OH NO YOU DIDN’T! BRO COME AT ME PUH’LEASE! Momma said KNOCK YOU OUT!!!”

Good morning Vietnam and to all the roosters dude-a-ling out there! I hope everyone out there is having a splendid time like I am right now. In fact as I’m typing right now I’m smack in the middle of a huge 2 week long going argument all based on one out of the many special uncles of mine, which for this post we will just call him Mr. Tin Tin the empty can with no heart.

The last time I had seen Mr. Tin Tin it was about 6 years ago at one of my cousin’s Toronto wedding. There I didn’t really notice how much of a douche bag he really was but it seems as time grows on us all the douchery cannot hide no better than the squirrels in the forest. Chestnut? Or how about a piece of bread?

squirrel chestnuts

I mean no joke. I absolutely had nothing against him at that time. I never spoke a word to him nor did he to me. I thought, “Hey, since there is no physical time involved between us. There should be no reason why we would hate each other for no particular reason right? Right…”

Anyways the story continues and one NO-thing leads to another and BAM the guy totally hates my guts. Just like my other uncles who had beef against me for having an unknowing birthday surprise party from my Grandmother. Totally organic Vietnamese family tradition comparisons that have no logical stand point other than to cause pain and confusion for the young generation. Just pure selfish pride I guess. The growing pains of living and understanding how to live among a LARGE Vietnamese family I guess… Where the white folk at?

This post however, is not written with the intent to bash and destroy individuals in my blood line that have inevitably bashed themselves and everyone around them to no return. It is however under the premise that I address some of the key points of UnconDIEtional Love in comparison to what we all may seek there after, true unconditional love.

love to death

Unconditional Love is a very special thing. Throughout your life growing up you are going to mix this up with all different types of love. Momentary love, Lustful love, Artificial real true love because you haven’t really felt any affection or love from anyone at anytime and point in your life love. The love list can go on endlessly and as you develop the true opinion of the love that is directed towards you and what that meaning does for you. You will start to find yourself all smothered in a hopeless trance of feeling that good to feel something emotion. Unconditional love is a constant evolution of changed perspective upon yourself, others and in which the source it actually beams from. That’s right – YOU SPECIAL PERSON!

Now let’s talk about UnconDIEtional Love…

Unlike the unconditional love you have for most of your family and friends. The form of energy that circles around your loved ones can be the same energy that well, pretty much makes you wish death on others. I mean, that sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? It is however the uncontrollable angered truth in it. UnconDIEtional Love is like no other energy exerted from a single standpoint of mental conscious undoing.

For example, my uncle Mr. Tin Tin – I swear it’s not the old school upbringing, nor is it the inevitable adaptation that needed to take place for him to survive in another country. It’s the inability to control his mixed loved emotions for his own family and his inner struggle to change his unconditionality. Which has made him take his pain on to others but himself.


I’ve been blessed in these last 2.5 years to have someone stand by my side and point out the destruction in my UnconDIEtional past that has haunted me my entire life. I’ve been made aware of it at times it has crept out under the bed that I’ve laid ridden for so long. Endless back and forth mind games of me telling myself that I should love specific things for the wrong reason. As if to fill a void of unconditionality that hasn’t been nurtured or taken care of because my lack of mental capacity or the willingness to stand up against my pride, my ego, my worst half – myself.

Now I’m able to sit here sipping on my black coffee and enjoy the sun rays that come beaming through the front door gates. The heat that hugs me all over which makes me sweat out all the demons that lay stuck in my fatty cells. The ability to process energy from others but like I said, “process” them through finally. Instead of clinging onto them for an entire lifetime like my stepbrother Luke has with my Father. That story of my brother is the prime example of UnconDIEtional Love. That however is another dark story I wish not to unveil on such a brilliant day as this…

Throughout your life you are going to meet a lot of people. Try to focus your energies on exuding unconditional love rather than the subject doppelganger UnconDIEtional love. You’ll gain more memorable life stamina for the forever good intentions and hopefully, you can rid of the not-so-good ones in time.

I’m going to leave it here and continue off with my day. Peace yawl and enjoy yourself with the company of others – good or bad. :)

AND NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GTJ ANNOUNCEMENT: “Just because they are your family, doesn’t mean you have to love them unconDIEtionally. Although if it’s unconditional love then it’s all good baby, baby! So COME AT ME BRO AND GIVE ME A HUG FOR ONCE! YA LIL’ LUG” 




Winter Hermitization

by Jimmy Gia on January 12, 2014


hermit-7“WOOOOIEEE is that smoke coming from your mouth or is it just damn cold outside? Want to see something funny? I can turn my pee into icicles pretty cool eh? You got a carrot? I can make a pretty cool snowman that I promise will make you laugh. Want to go dance in the rain? Let’s go get soaked and freeze in the moment robot style! Why don’t you want to play with me? Are you listening to me? Pay attention to me dammit! I WANT ATTENTION! What you mean there is a different kind of winter than cold snow and rain? Hot chocolate? You aren’t ever going to get that cup of hot chocolate the nearest Star Bucks is 500 miles away! You’re sleepy now? Mr. Bear there will be no CAVE TIME FOR YOU!!!”


Hello all you frozen winter bunnies out there! Merry Christmas from up above the clouds on flight AC36 Air Canada to Seoul, Korea. Speaking of Seoul, how are all your souls doing this festive winter coming? Are all you people out there preparing for all the super epic New Year’s Parties that are just around the Christmas corner? What about this year’s season of Game of Thrones by yourself because you have no friends like me? I heard winter is coming! Even in the TV show! Or how about snow washing your dear loved ones? Thinking that it would be funny in the moment but somehow ended up in deep sincere apology because that really wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Whatever you decide to do this Christmas, fun, kind, clever, stupid & dumb be sure to do it to your loved ones.

krukon kweenI’m excited and quite content with my life right now and the jolly Christmas ahead because well first off I’m on a plane to Vietnam to see my family and just completed this super epic earth bound and down 7 month all across North America road trip in a camper I call Krukon along an amazing Amazonian princess named Jennifer Irene. Boy she’s a beaut I’m telling you. The camper is covered with a rapist ice cream truck red, drizzled with some dark old navy jeans blue, mixed in with some large 86 sized font splotches of pure Yukon gold letters – It’s left a lasting impression in my eye. However, *you thought I forgot didn’t cha! * Not nearly as impressive as my adventuring life partner Queen of the Amazons miss Jennifer Irene.

During our road trip we had overcome some pretty gnarly obstacles usually big but sometimes small. We had to live in a space the size of your grand mother’s bathtub the entire 7 months. Not to mention showering out of a plastic bag that held about a liter worth of water wasn’t what I call caveman luxury. Though after 4 days not showering, a 1-liter bag of swamp water seemed like a fountain of fresh Aquafina. Boy the things we take for granted seems endless don’t it?

On top of the lack of personal hygiene, candy induced nightmares, up front and personal arguments and being a straight up bitch because I’m missing home when I’m on the road. I managed to keep the love alive and as strong as ever with my babearoo and it was a true test of our relationship. We put ourselves in all types of different positions of true testament and I’m proud to say I passed for once.


I never thought 7 months ago when we decided to take this road trip that it would teach me so many elements of how I wanted to live my future life with my Amazon princess. Four plus one examples, teaching me how I know I don’t want my future to be full of things but more so things that are full – like a large cup of freshly squeezed Florida orange juice – IN Florida. What about the ever-repetitive status quo of working to live and not living to work – sorry old school Asians life is different on the other side of the boat. Reaching my arms up high but not reaching for the stars because physically that’s impossible and be happy you can raise the roof when everything seems to be dropping low – holler. Jumping off the ledge of a small wooden stump, instead the jagged rock edge of a steep cliff – a realistic leap of faith the new age would say. Perhaps swimming with gold fish fits your fancy instead swimming with man-loving orcas like Temecula – the list really can go on forever, like forever, ever, ever, and ever.

The preparing for winter hermitization would not have been met if I had not done something so out of the ordinary. So epic bounded such as this journey has been to both my lover and I. This Krukonian summer adventure has and will forever be a legend noteworthy experience setting both of us on a higher scale of living life to the fullest. I wanted summer time simplicity, mobility and freedom, and no I’m not talking about your cell phone plan. Something that seems impossible for most people in these days we live in when careers, society, parents, money, time & uncanny situation after uncanny situation takes a toll on our constant changing lives. Placed in a very conveniently random wrapped but organized box of chocolates which periodically creates a memorable life of experience or misfortune we often want to forget. To each their own and to own I don’t teach so here I am to stress the fact if you ever have the chance to let go of the norm, the substance & addictions, the so called comfortability even for a small moment – I highly recommend you trying to do so before you get to old and bitter slow mo.

I guess it’s time to enter back into this winter wonderland full of pristine sands and scorching hot weather with bountiful bowls of beef pho stewing in this hopefully not rat infested family kitchen. Good-bye Canada! HELLO HO CHI MINH!

I love you Jennifer Irene I will see you in February mmm kay? :) <3

This post was originally written for December 15, 2013 ~ sorry lack of motivation to finish any posts for almost a year now. That’s the honest truth. Peace Gia’yeah Man!

AND NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GTJ ANNOUNCEMENT: “Not all of us are happy living in a winter wonderland so therefore we can always day dream of WINTER HERMITIZATION – as I lay here sun tanning like the son of a beach I am! WINTER HAS COME!!!”




Ranger of Emotions

by Jimmy Gia on May 4, 2013

“*Sniffle* what seems to be the problem there little boy? Why are you out here all naked in the woods in the middle of nowhere son? Where are your Mother and Father? What you mean you were looking for Yogi? The only bear out in these parts is Mr. Smokey. Anyways let’s get back on track here. Tell me how a boy like you got lost way out in these dangerous woods. Stop crying and BE A MAN gawd damnit! I can’t handle this kindergarten style s*#t you got all up on me. Don’t you know this puddle of tears that is pouring down your face is what floods these river damns and pisses off the beavers? How dare you disturb their habitat and make me actually have to do my work with all these mounds of effort and stress. Yo kid, did you know that there’s a legend just around the edge of this forest where many people have suffered and even died because of all the depressive tears storms from kids like you waking up the man killing beavers? This ain’t no place for you son. You must live on without this emotion. How about you come with me, my name is Mr.Emo and I’m the park ranger.”

Hey all you loveable humans out there! How has your day’s commute been? See any smiling faces on your way to work? How many? Two? Well that’s better than one and ones better than none! Makes me sick to my stomach when we can’t take a second to smile at someone and give them that moment of joy throughout the day that may potentially be the only joy in that day for that special somebody – Ya lil’ selfish person you! Almost as sick as these so called fashionable all-black-dressed head down trench coat Vancouver I’m part of the killer band yups that consider them self-edgy and sophisticated James Dean shoulder tensed up wannabes. Come on yawl lighten up! It’s spring already! And what better way to celebrate spring than writing a post about camping with emotions! So here it is, let’s go camping kids!

You know what makes me ill? Thinking so gawd-damn much. You know what makes me sick? Crying like a baby when I’m a 26 year old man. You know what makes me vomit? Thinking about how I’m acting like a baby when I’m a 26 year old man thinking about how sick are these thoughts of emotions that I’m feeling in my wildest imagination killing me loudly and holding me back from accepting and making use of all that is good in my life and what’s cooking on the campfire way out in these beautiful woods! Know this though, that this post isn’t about barfing your emotions out all over the kitchen floor. It is however about how to clean up your emotional barf incase you do, so that the beavers or Mr. Smokey don’t come to camp and harm anymore humans. You get their drift? Really? Well okay then – paddle on.


These last couple months out here lost in these crybaby woods have been exhausting and tiring as hell. Wondering if camping here was actually going to be fun. As if I thought out here deep in these woods, I was actually gonna learn a thing or two. These woods my friends are not as entertaining as those little red riding hot picture books back in kindergarten class. It’s a scary set of woods out here with nothing but big bad wolves. The only thing you didn’t know that the big bad wolf was you!

Man killing beavers? Big bad lonely horny wolves? Sounds like the real world doesn’t it? Know what’s even more real? Your own range of emotions you will have to deal with by being a lonely horny wolf. There will be times where you will not have the help of Mr.Emo to come rescue you from your own mind or sexual libido. The darkness that clouds your hunger and the thrust for more. The beaver might not get ya. However, I’m pretty damn sure the emotions of the lone wolf will and sometimes you ain’t gonna have Mr. Emo the park ranger come save you from the darkness of your own tears. Now let’s talk about what makes a wolf lonely.

Lone wolves like me have a very deeply en-rooted way to visualize things. The smell in the air drives curiosity deep within my sniff buds. The taste of adventure is like the warm fluffy sweet carrot cake crisp texture of the cap of a Tim Horton’s muffin. As for my eyes, I foresee a greater sense of my got-to-do live buds and that can create both calmness and havoc in my state-of-mind. It wrenches so deep within my will of hunger of seeing things to fruition that sometimes I forget where I even planted the seed. Essentially if you rob yourself of all your K9 senses and don’t follow your hunger, you are making mighty fine steps towards being a very ronery wolf.cf29894c9994dac0e5c760c848705182-d386lnr

It doesn’t sound all that bad now does it? That’s until you go wolf-shit-crazy that is! Just like I was during the last 3 months banging my head against a cubicle office wall when I was wondering would I be able to keep calm and steady during this off kilter period. Knowing that the aftermath of the child’s tears that are about to waterfall over the floor of the Beaver’s kitchen was on it’s way to get me – was a very scary thing indeed. To tell you the truth I really didn’t know I was going to make it through. How was I supposed to know if the legend of the beaver was going to eat me alive? What about Mr. Smokey? Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a smoking grizzly bear. That’s when Mr.Emo came to save the day.

You see people. The Ranger of emotions which resides in the camping mind site of your brain are in fact the wide range of feelings you go through at times in your life when it is extremely difficult to see things the way you want it to be. Except not for the way real life truly is. While yes, the people who love you are there to support you through your struggles and your journey to the land of happy. Sometimes you really must get lost in your adventure to find out the journey that is your dream. Which leads you to your final destination aka a new chance to live because you really don’t want to die like every other person in those movies. Besides, you never happened to end up exactly where you planned on setting up for camp in the first place, you spent all the time to plan the camping trip to paradise in the woods and ended up playing hide and go seek with a park ranger who calls himself Mr. Emo. Sounds safe right? OF COURSE IT’S SAFE! HE’S YOUR EMOTIONS!

A huge lesson I have learned from Mr. Emo is that without the range of emotions that you are. The belief in man killing beavers or Mr. Smokey the bear. The will to take risk and sacrifice your own comfort all for the adventure of a lifetime. You essentially will have trouble feeling alive in the creative realm without the struggles of being lost deep in the dark, dark, duck twisted tormented woods.

You are a big bad lone wolf it’s true. Though even big bad lone wolves have the ability to change for the better. Sniff out your dreams and hunt them down full force. Make friends with the creatures that live within your habitat. Invite them out to frolic in the woods. Pick berries, not fights. Help the beavers rebuild their water damns. It will not be easy. Building beaver damns never is, but please believe me when I say – it will all make sense once you can get to this part of the woods and find out how much wood-can-a-woodchuck-chuck-if-a-woodchuck-could-chuck-wood. Until the next time you are standing alone, lost in the dark woods, be sure to C.O.L (cry out loud) so that someone like Mr.Emo can come save you. Now go get lost ya lil’ selfish person you! :Dshutterstock_6322054

AND NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GIA ANNOUNCEMENT: “Without the lost of mind you would never want to find a piece of mind, and with out a piece of mind, how will you ever construct the peace of mind you got lost searching for?”

– The Jimmy Gia


Post image for National GIAgraphic vol.1 – Mother Nature’s Milk

“Oh CRYKEE! What is that cha hear overland Stevie? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? If I can recall correctly just about a year ago I spotted something that looked a wee similar to them booty rustles we got shaken in them bushes over there. I think we may finally have just found our lucky break. A lifetime of searching, dreams chased like wild MANimal tracker outback game, tiny furry little things discovered down under in the bonanza – yet nothing out of the gold was found, other than a funny looking little sea cucumber. This is our lucky break Stevie! Get the net ready Stevie, because I’m not sure if the world is going to give us this chance…. again. Wait Stevie don’t touch that it’s not the MAN…TA were looking forrrr!”

You all probably wondered where the hell did that Jimmy Gia go or never even realized he existed. Wondering if he was just another spoonful of cinnamon toast crunch without the lactose free milk added – dry, depleted, gone to crunchy taste-waste just not digestively sweet enough for all you scrumdiddlyumpscious people out there.

Well to tell you the truth I wasn’t sure if I would have made it back alive with the proper milk myself. In fact, after having not anything but failed lactose-attack-attempts of writing to the outside world over the previous 2012 end of the world year. I wasn’t sure if I was any longer capable of handling the sweet sugars of Mother Nature’s milk and I could feel it deep within the marrow of my bones. I couldn’t let waste to all this growth at hand. I feel as though my joints are starting to make human anatomical sense, as I connect to the dots that keep me flexible in this world of sluggish-shoulder-reality.

To sum it all up – I was lost again and I felt no longer sweet. Lost in the distant depths of the ever dark Jimalayan Mountains and the deep, deep jungles of the savannah that I call my unconscious mind. Hazed in a twist of broken off eyebrow hairs that have fallen into the pupils that shine bright on the sugar sweet success that lay smack down in piles all along the rainbow road ahead.

Losing my dream to become somebody, losing the passions in me to be free and just too damn lazy to give a damn to feel the “what if” juices run in my veins again. It had made me feel lifeless and I was starting to feel the blood of an average person pump through my body. That’s when I realized I’m above average regardless of my high school grades. Alpha to Omega what up now dog? I miss playing with your whiskers my 5 legged friend :(

But do you really think that this post is dedicated to no lactose free milk in the life cereal? The fallen brow hairs in my pupils that leave me unable to see clearly at the bright golden colors paved along the middle of the road of success? Perhaps the very destruction of my babytistical made up dreams? Or maybe, just maybe I’ve been trekking to far in the island of lost that the overburden of jungle shrubs limits me from peeking out at the paradise that awaits me on the other side of darkness. I could always see the colors of the rainbow but now I can taste it.

rainbow eyes

It’s funny how the dark shadows lingering between the cracks of the cerebral cortex would make me believe that I wasn’t going to become the greatest adventuring traveling blogging teacher of the world by shining all the light of my heart within my posts to become the best me for you. Fear not my friends you will all make these mistakes but hopefully with my help you can avoid at least one of them. I will see to it that you become the best of who you are and let’s start by manning up and stepping into this dressed up world – naked. Free to be one’s self and once again – no more.

I’m back and I’m not brighter than ever but I’m feeling pretty light headed and it’s because of the rainbows that shine across the milk depleted cereal bowl wastelands stretching the mind pass the limits of the dry savannah deserts, deep within the jungles of no light, through the oceans of blue spotting the tales of fish love of who’s who on POF. I feel like my life is on high mode not because I’m on drugs and that’s a good one according to my mother. Especially when you are the type of person with heavy loads on your heart, mind, shoulders and stomach. I’m left rejuvenated again and the unforeseen events of life are playing in my flavor and that flavor is Winnamon. This life is my bagel – now watch as I roll once more in the mounds of golden brown sugar all along the skittles road of happiness.I am so happy to set back with my right foot on path, jump in air ankle snap and ass cheeks clasped together bent smiling. Swimming in ocean back stroking and locomotion down the tracks of Asian built railroad success.

I’ll be in the midst of adventure and I promise to start leaving imprints of my foot, so that maybe one day you can track me down and we can cross paths. Well my friends, it has been just lovely to say hello to all you pretty people out there. I will be keeping my iPad diary with me and writing as frequently as I stop to relax, which according to my lack of posts in the last 1.5 years means I will have to relax more… Yes more… Till next time this is your GIAologist journaling out.steven irwin

NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GIA ANNOUNCEMENT: “If Stevie was alive today, do you think he would have not wanted to dive heart first into the barbed passions of his entire life? I know that he would not have had it any other way. Either you play in the jungle, sip from Mother Nature’s milk even though your lactose intolerant or you may feel at times you are a complete wrecking ball to the apartment people around you. If you do not discover a way to grow from the fiery depths of your inner mind, you will get stung right in the core of love AKA *the only thing we will remember*. As we all remember Mr. Stevie Irwin” – THE GTJ

Sent with iPad,

– The Jimmy Gia



by Jimmy Gia on March 27, 2013

Post image for Turtacell

“Man I am tired of all this trying man! I am so damn exhausted you best believe that! I can barely even move anymore! Just having to do this and that because I’m rocking the Nikes, stepping all up in people’s grills. Moving from here and there, straight up all this heavy breathing is bullshit. I can’t cope with all this being under pressure business. I don’t want to be a winner that bad! I don’t care what my parents say! I don’t care if there are people out there that are better than me! I don’t need to compete to prove myself worthy good dammit! Sorry… I was just having a temper tantrum… I’m breathing deep now, just need a little time to collect all these emotions up. Okay let’s try this again. I am going to be the best person at being best in the world because that’s what life is all about. My sense of worthiness and being all comes from this and it’s now or forever now let me compete!”

Hollar! This is your boy the Jimmy Gia. Another day, Another less dollar and this time I want to write you all a post on the subtle tricks your own self-image will play on yourself. This is a race so tell me, “Are you going to be first or last?”

So, Let’s start with your image. You wake up, you trip on over to the bathroom. You pretend your just washing your face because someone is in your bedroom but really what your doing is taking a shit. After that, you wash your hands hoping that your somewhat of a hygienic type person and surely I hope you are. This is where you look at yourself in the mirror, just like throughout the entire day whenever you come across a reflection you take a glance at yourself. You recognize that your either hot as hell, normal in looks, a bit below average, or Texas paper bag massacre.paper bag girl

Now let’s hit up your walk. You studied the bee gees at a young age so you’ve been staying alive while other cats be trippin in alleys. You’re either tall or short, hoping that you’re tall because according to the mags and television taller people have it better in life. Swing, swing goes the hips, left and right like a sparkling hypnotizing clock pendant. You know once you feel it in the bones your spewing confidence from that sexual thrust area. Keeping it electric and current, you know this is how confident people walk true dat.

It’s talking time. You’ve learned to chat n’chase tails up swirling your brightest feathers around like a group of e-heads at a Tiesto Rave. Your ears stay open and you’ve learned how to tune out and listen, while thinking of yourself because you that number 1 competitor. What did she just say? *SLAP* Now your starting to believe that.

Lastly let’s talk about what you own. The more the merrier they would say. Coming from the kids who have been given everything and hasn’t shown a dime to a helping human act who actually could use the help. You got that raccoon mentality; squirrelly nuts of bling so that you are leaning swag while showing off what you’ve got buried in your bedroom den. Wow, how I wish I could have that as well. Man life over there in North America must be good!

RESET! Wake up kids! Can’t you see that everything I wrote above is pure bullshit yet it’s somehow true!? Let me kick it to ya slow mow. Don’t buy in to all the made up environments your head creates while your simply standing in a group of not your type of people. Act as though you are aware of the circumstances that could occur if you were to be that fool. Face the changes in your life with arms wide open and give it a loving hug straight from your sexual thrust. It feels good! Just do it like your shoes!

Did you know that you and I are all participating in this 1-100+ yearlong human race called The Manifestathon? Of course you were completely unaware as you were too concerned about being number 1 and how your competitors walked, talked and look! You wish you could be them huh? Well your not so suck it up cup cake.

Someday in life you’re going to have to compete with others. There will be times where you will want to be #1 and then there will be times where you will train so damn hard, look so damn good, have so much support and you’ll still turn out to be # last-place-you-suck-now-quit. However, before you pack up your bags from the human race and disappear from the face of the Earth. Remember to tell yourself this, “You are doing everything absolutely right, even when you are feeling hopeless and that you suck big balls and you might as well just quit.” Fear not, there are always solutions!

Those solutions could be easy as quitting or trying an alternative path. Quitting is underrated as well. Sometimes you have to quit to be legit. Once your legit you’ll really start to fit in that pathway that seems suitable to life. Quitting is for winners! Yet that statement is highly dependent on how much you love something.

Pursue to your heart’s desire but just remember we are all in this race and we don’t need to have to compete for first place. For first place is only momentary, there will be another number 1 and hopefully for your happiness sake that number 1 will not be you. Until that time comes, better to prepare yourself for the long run instead of preparing yourself for a number one or number last-you-suck-so-you-should-just-quit.

NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GIA ANNOUNCEMENT: “The best thing about being last is that you have no competition.” – THE GTJ

– The Jimmy Gia



by Jimmy Gia on March 26, 2013

Post image for Despire

“Hey you long time no see! So what’s been happening with you nowadays? Oh really billions? That sounds like a lot of money… how exciting! I’m so glad for you… No really, like I am so down to earth right now. Here in this moment with you it’s pretty inspiring… this is just absolutely fantastic that everything in your life is going exactly the way you planned it. It’s true huh? What they say about money, dreams and having more in life. Like who the hell cares about the starving dreamless kids that are just sitting at the side of the train track. Bloody homeless bums should learn how to hop on a moving train; free rides to the land of opportunity are always good right? Right? Craig? Wow… just wow… I missed the damn train!!! It’s all your fault! You and your damn inspirational conversations!!! COME BACK HERE! I’ll FIND YOU!!!”

Yo this is your boy Jimmy Gia, kicking it back with my legs pointing up like AB ripper X.  Chilling with my shoes and socks off at the office HQ.  Allowing the fresh air to make contact with my pretty little feet, perspiring smells of watered down Armani cologne – chicks dig it.  Yo but this post isn’t about how to attract girls with your toes.  For reals though, thought I would rewind ya’ll back from your fast paced days so you can take a little side stop coffee break with your uncle Jimmy Gia.  After disappearing from the fixed social scene for about 180 days I thought I would inspire myself back into the writer’s mode.  So here it is, can ya read it? Good, now dig it.

The last 6 months has been nothing but ordinary.  Kicking it all perched up like the flying bird Nelly Furtado taught me to be back in my grade 8 popularity contest days.  Standing tall regardless of my height, flying higher than the smoke kite, just another step up dance move that raises me up to see glances of the solar sun rises on the horizon’s edge.  It’s beautiful up here if you take the time to leap.  Now come on frogger you know you want to leap and see what’s on the other side, make the jump kids and sacrifice the fall.  It’s a hard knock life for whom? Not you so quit your complaining.

Then there are times where I don’t talk so damn big like I just did.  My ego shrinks in size and then all of a sudden my balls get sucked up and it’s true when them bullies said, “You have no balls!” back in what life’s-all-about-high-school.  Out of no where your getting rocks thrown at your pretty face because flying like a bird is not the flyest thing to do back in high school prison.  What you don’t realize when you were a child is all them hard knock prison grounds during your youth has subconsciously shaped a small segment of your brain in which you either A.) Give off good energies with true intention or B.) You’re all like, “don’t get up all in my grill, there ain’t no room for you on this hot plate and since it’s getting hotter, I would advise you to BACK OFF! BACK OFF! Step out of my kitchen, just step out of my kitchen!” or C.) You just hating and you get too much satisfaction from it like Benni the Bully Benassi.

Well kids this post is to obliterate that selfishness that may coincide within the deepest depths of your beaten dark evil subconscious mind.  To rid you of the jealousy you feel from others just by natural life occurring coincidence.  Healing you from the outside and penetrating closer to cupid’s arrow that struck you so long time ago.  Now let’s get down to the fundamentals of inspiration and despiration.

Inspiration feels good, who on this earth wouldn’t agree?  You take a step outside into the scary but beautiful world we live in and BAM! Your lost and uncertain about what this life is all about, “Doesn’t it feel great!?!”.  Trying to find answers about yourself, not sure if you have made it on time for the next train so that you can catch your free ride to the lands you dreamed of when you were pissing your bed when you were just a little 14 year old child.  Now that’s scary.  Not because your bed is wet at the age of 14, or that there are mountains crumbled on the train tracks to your destination but because of all the sudden circumstances you feel it’s impossible to make it where you want to be.


Now as you’re turning your back from the rubbles of rock and sheets of yellow and the fiery explosion of the train.  You glance back only for a second just to close your eyes and walk away like Mr. Craig David did.  In that moment you finally realize that maybe, just maybe that train wasn’t meant for you or anyone else for that matter since there all dead, I mean passed away.

It’s in that moment where you spiral down that ladder of despire, that you get sucked into a vortex of confusing thoughts that evoke through you by a different dimension.  A side of you in which you think makes you whole but really, is the only part of you that holds you back from being the true inspiration to yourself and the next person that will happen to cross your path.  It’s here and now where you only learn to truly inspire by learning first the trials of despiration.  It’s a hard concept to grasp and many of you people out there may think that it comes simply by forcing your dreams, motivation and supportive words on others in any which direction.  However that is not the truth or the way to go about it, “Teach will only reach”.


Like every other thing in life you will learn of great importance.  Those things will most likely not come down your dream train tracks just because there was a bunch of Chinese men building it long before you were born, but because you have a path that no other has seen before and that is how you will learn to truly inspire.  Now the next time you are rushing to inspire someone with all the crazy shit that’s happening in your life, sit back, legs crossed (if your a girl), hands on your laps and open up your ears and listen to the conversation, or else you would have accidentally hopped on to the train of death, not the train of opportunity.

Rest on those tracks just one more time, just be sure to not tie yourself to them and surely Timmy the “right” train will be on his way!

NOW FOR A FRIENDLY GIA ANNOUNCEMENT: “When you inspire you leave thoughts of I can do it in someone’s head and when you despire you leave a real sense of I’m going to do it in someone’s heart” – The GTJ

– The Jimmy Gia


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